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Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Tutorials | 0 comments

Tutorial Tuesday with Katie Emmitt

Tutorial Tuesday with Katie Emmitt

Katie Emmitt is a 21 year old visual and performance artist from Baltimore, Maryland. I came across one of Katie’s tutorials when I first started hooping. She goes into extensive detail in her videos and demonstrates how to find “flow” and incorporate it into hoop dance. Katie is exceptionally good at teaching different transitions and variations of tricks in her tutorials. She was kind enough to answer questions I had for her in a personal interview. The interview will be featured in a post soon to come!

In the meantime check out Katie’s “Yo-Yo Bouncing Cat-Eye Isolation” tutorial. Katie slows it down and explains the tricks to learning this move.  I have a lot of fun with this move, it’s great for fast paced and funky jams.

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