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Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Tutorials | 0 comments

Tutorial Tuesday with Taylor Starr!

Taylor  Starr, a friend of mine from school is the featured hooper of this weeks Tutorial Tuesday! Taylor has her own YouTube channel with some awesome tutorials and videos. She’s super talented, and is a great teacher. Taylor was kind enough to let me interview her and answer a few questions.

Q: Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

A:  I am 22 years old and have grown up in Northern Va, Ashburn specifically. I am the youngest of five kids and have 3 nieces and 2 nephews! I am OBSESSED with english bulldogs. I have one of my own named Remi and he makes plenty of appearances in my hooping videos, if you have watched them I am sure you have seen him. I played soccer for 16 years before I started hooping and had a scholarship to play in college but quit after my first semester. I am a pretty unorganized person but somehow know where everything unless I didn’t move it. And although I feel this way my sister likes to say I would lose my head if it wasn’t connected to my body. I am going to school for fashion merchandising and I sew in my free time. I hope to be in Denver after graduation and plan to travel all over the country for the next few years.

Q: When did you start hooping?

A: I started hooping when I was 19 years old. The summer after my first festival and first year in college.

Q: What got you into hooping?

A: When I was a senior in high school and for my graduation gift, from my boyfriend at the times mother, we were given tickets to our first legit music festival. It was at All Good 2009 where I saw hooping for the first time and I was just in AWE! It wasn’t until around Easter of the next year when I decided I was going to try it out because my niece and nephew got hula hoops from the Easter bunny. I picked it up and attempted to show my family stuff these girls at All Good were doing…. FAIL. It turned into a ridiculously goofy day playing with these hula hoops trying to walk and do tricks (that we could not do). I had both my sisters and my mom trying to walk while hula hooping and we all looked so silly. After that day I was determined to figure out how they did it.

Q: What’s your favorite hoop?

A: My favorite hoop to use is my 30″ polypro. It might even be 27″ I never really measured it but I made it and liked the size so when people ask I just tell them its tiny and about 27″-30″.

Q: Who are your favorite artists, and/or what are your favorite songs to hoop to?

A: When it comes to my favorite artists or songs to hoop to it can vary so drastically. It really depends on my mood that day if I want to listen to something slow or something fast or something electronic or something acoustic. One of my favorite people to hoop to by far has to be Lindsey Stirling because her music is kind of a mix of them all and I am a SUCKER for the violin. Here recently I have mixed it up a little more and actually been hooping to some more main stream music ….. like I said just depends on my mood. I have also recently really gotten into Chet Faker for days that I just wanna slow it down a little bit or The Floozies if I really wanna jam.

Q: Any advice/inspiring words for beginner hoopers?

A: SPIN!!!! MUSIC!! and DANCE!! Spinning makes almost every trick easier because the momentum of the hoop will carry itself making your life way easier when trying to learn tricks like shoulder hooping or the vortex and so many other tricks.

Music is such a must. I have made videos of me practicing with and without music and noticed it makes such a difference. After all who dances without music.

DANCE!!!!!!! This is the most important one people get so caught up in doing tricks they don’t DANCE!! It may intrigue people who are not hoopers but if you aren’t focusing on dancing to the music, and listening to the beat, and you’re just doing tricks, then you’re not hoop dancing! If you listen to the music and dance your flow will come so much easier and your own style will come out because no two people dance the same.

Check out Taylor’s tutorial on isolations! 

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